1. Chez。レトロショルダー - ローズパウダーxブルーキャット
Chez. Classic design: retro small shoulder super bright new color: rose powder. Gentle perfect rounded design, gives girls a lighter pace of life, retro shoulders look forward to working with you to experience the little travel in life [Chez. Limited purchase activity] Hand-painted transparent bag with a sense of life Plus activity link → https://www. pinkoi.com/product/1mzx_Aqi ● Pricing: 1780 yuan ● Size: 21 (wide) x 19 (height) x 10 (deep) cm, strap 100cm~115cm (±3cm) ● Function: cotton protection, non-removable strap, adjustable strap length. ● Living purposes: small travel, cultural exhibitions, dining appointments, city walks ● Material: Taiwanese high-density suede x Japanese KOKKA printed cotton, the same suede YKK zipper uses (per batch The KOKKA fabrics used in the bags are limited editions, and the out-of-stock fabrics have no possibility of re-production. ● Color: Rose powder x blue cat ● Remarks: MIT smile badge certification [about 麂Leather velvet] Suede is not really made of animal skin, but is made of 100% polyester fiber and made of high-density fabric like enamel. Because of its high density, it is thick enough and protective. The color of each color of suede will be slightly different in each batch, and the color will show a slight difference. Plus the suede will be different in color, showing a different color color at different angles and under the light, inadvertently becoming a wonderful thing. .
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