1. [CITY FLYERシティトラベラー]イタリア野菜なめし革シリーズクロスボディバッグジッパーダブルメインバッグIPHONEレザ

[CITY FLYERシティトラベラー]イタリア野菜なめし革シリーズクロスボディバッグジッパーダブルメインバッグIPHONEレザ

│Design Concept│ CITY FLYER City Traveler, specializing in the design of bags, wallet has been 55 years, with a commitment to quality, is to present to consumers the best value for money leather goods. From brand to taste, price to value, City Flyer is designed for the needs. │Color │ Dark coffee, light coffee, green, orange │Size │ Length: 23 cm Width: 14 cm Thickness: 5 cm │Features │ Outer: Clam Magnetic Button storage bag x1 Inner layer: zipper main bag x2, multi-function front storage bag x2, zippered rear storage pockets x1 Brand: CITY FLYER Material: Italy top vegetable tanned leather Origin: Made in Taiwan │ How to use and maintain │ high-quality leather surface will inevitably have minor scars after long-term use. can make small scars fade by hand oil or leather maintenance oil. If the skin is accidentally drenched with rain or water, immediately dry the water with a dry cloth let it dry in a cool, ventilated place. │Customer Service │ quick consultation, please feel free to ask questions, and someone will be online for you. If you find an exception when you receive the item, please take a photo and to the chat. customer service staff will handle it for you immediately. Service Hours: Monday to Friday 09:00~17:30 Customer Service Phone: 0800-520688
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