1. Atomy Pink Brow Eyeshadow Kit
▶ Name : Atomy Pink Brow Eyeshadow Kit
▶ Volume : 6g(1g per color): soft Peach, Chiffon Pink, Sand Beige, Bronze, Party Gold and Wine Brown
▶ Manufacture : Kolmar Korea CO
▶ Ingredients : Evening-primrose oil, Damask rose oil, Chamomile oil
▶ Storage : Store at room temperature, sealed
▶ Expiration : 12 months after opening
▶ Directions : During the eye make-up stage, apply gently where desired around the eye areas, using a sponge-tip applicator, a brush or fingertips

Skin-Smooth Texture
Smooth texture with fine powder and pearl, which are better suited to the delicate eye areas due to their moist feel and reduced dust, adheres to skin effortlessly.

Multi-Colored Palette
Versatile results can be achieved easily and quickly with the all-in-one kit containing soft bases, shimmery and glittery colors, glitter and a definer.

Stylish Mix of Color
The eyeshadows contain hologram pearl which reflects light in multi-colored hues and are colored in stylish mid-tones, rendering your eye make-up even more lavishing.

Three Floral Oils
The eyeshadow kit contains oils from evening primrose, damask rose and chamomile.

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