1. [OPUS Dongqi金属加工]鹊上林梢 - 金属工芸用ペーパートレイ(白)/レストランレストランデザインホテル装飾/テクスチ
★ Desktop essentials, high-end restaurant hotel favorite ★ sturdy and durable, classic European and American home style decoration ★ Practical and design sense, showing unique fashion taste ★ Creative, turned into jewelry box, candle light OPUS to enhance life Fun is the starting point, designing a life-like creative taste of small things - the collection of carton. Let you extract facial tissue, while enjoying the taste of art, simple colors blend into your home, office or store, embellish your living space, creating a calm and elegant atmosphere. stylish Elegant white, coloured texture Elegant and elegant decoration home-style beauty [European wrought iron tray] Perfect desktop life proposal~ Just use simple ingenuity With the combination, you can make the desktop unique and unique! OPUS [European wrought iron face tray - 鹊上林略] design inspired by the beautiful nephew, always like to jump in the forest, singing with flowers and flowers, 鹊上林Slightly, rich and poetic! Stylish and elegant appearance, elegant white, multi-coloured texture, with delicate silhouette decoration, can be placed on the paper, so that the original ordinary paper becomes full of beauty, beautiful and practical and generous; in addition, the product is very Embellished with decorative effects, the desktop is stylish and more beautiful, suitable for home, office, restaurant, cafe, hotel, restaurant, bar and other spaces. : 21x11x11.5cm Material: galvanized steel, f.
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