1. [OPUS Dong Qi Metalwork]ヨーロッパの錬鉄製のスタンド - 希望光(黒)/金属ジュエリーシート/リングネッ

[OPUS Dong Qi Metalwork]ヨーロッパの錬鉄製のスタンド - 希望光(黒)/金属ジュエリーシート/リングネッ

★ Hanging necklaces, earrings, rings and other accessories ★ Creative jewelry storage rack ★ Metal texture, unique taste ★ Birthday gift girl practical OPUS - Taiwan's Wenchuang brand combines beauty and practicality with fashion creativity The European wrought iron design brings life to imagination and fun. Candle holder jewellery Easy to store display accessories Elegant and stylish, unique can be used to hang necklaces, earrings, rings and other accessories magnet design, add features presents a unique charm ● OPUS European wrought iron jewelry frame is enough to distribute the messy jewelry? Let your dressing table be like a boutique display stand! OPUS [European wrought iron jewelry stand] Apple tree shape is elegant and elegant, combining fashion aesthetics, with storage ingenuity, let you Quickly organize or take your jewelry, earrings, rings and other small items, whether it is a personal collection or as a store decoration, you can create aesthetic and taste for your living space. function: for earrings, bracelets, accessories material: galvanized steel, fine paint Origin: Taiwan design, manufacturing Size: 200x123x50mm Weight: 100 grams ※ Picture is a jewelry frame situation map, does not include shooting Accessories or accessories are limited to the sales items and fine packaging specified in the copy. Origin / manufacturing methods Dong Qi Jingong adheres to the concept of quality first, and cre.
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