1. Q-WOW暴力的な紛争のサボテン兄弟
Cactus storm washed brother he is not the same as the name of violent conflict (in addition to the appearance of it!), He just outdoor soft tenderness man ~ have him, you can talk to your life its planning, were also invited him to think QB cactus brother is my full name do not be fooled by my decisions based on appearance, my profession is to heal division [heart] European I usually like and want to do related to my dad Q dragons CT as Europe, and the focus is My birthday with my father the same day Europe are October 1 Libra B type storm cactus brother, health check report as follows height: 4x6 cm (growing), 6x10.5cm (adult). : Taiwan. : Hand Made in China. Source: Q-WOW CT. https://scontent-tpe1-1.xx. fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/17880487_1015457_101545710/1015453111045638_o.jpg?oh=928c1ea585707c1d5ad9f31d708e4556&oe=597714B9 100% of each work is handmade, because it is not a gene replica, do not request engraved reprint. ● production orders, order time is about 15-20 days (if not broken calls read words). ● commodity parents are all born, so not too many students, sold out of print ● If there is any product problem, I will reply to you if you are in the other life. If you have any other life, please ask me for a reply after your own birth. ★ You will be able to If you want to see other product-related, please tell Q-WOW, all staff will be ready to deal with your required, put the Creema's Q-WOW Home in a refe.
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