1. Milimite創造DIY木製リング誘導壮大モデルMRT /バス/電車/ショッピングトラベルカードやギフトカード木製

Milimite創造DIY木製リング誘導壮大モデルMRT /バス/電車/ショッピングトラベルカードやギフトカード木製

【DIY induction wood ring - gorgeous section】 wood sensor ring, technology and temperature combination thanks to science and technology, modern people every day nothing more than food clothing line entertainment, are inseparable from science and technology, but technology has always been From the human nature, the application of science and technology is nothing more than convenience. The starting point of this commodity is the use of the current market proximity card (travel card or card), the rendering of the shape are the same type of accessories or cards, but always feel that is not so lightweight and convenient. Since ancient times, wood is the closest material to people, but also one of the world's oldest materials, so the inspiration, you want to combine the texture of wood, the sensor into the product and minimize, so DIY wood induction ring It was born. When modern technology and ancient materials combined, people in the modern civilization of science and technology, but can and intimate contact with the natural wood material. Experience DIY DIY, creating the ring you want. ring is worn on your finger. The advantage is that you can reduce the action of looking for a card and have a habit of wearing a ring because it will not forget to take a card or lose a card, This time in particular to join the relaxed DIY way is to allow consumers on the one hand can use the simplest way to experience the fun of wood, on the other hand, of course, is to g.
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