1. CASTOR黄金のイヤリング
2018 Creema boyfriend. Girlfriend Valentine's Day gift ========================== ※ This product is expected to be shipped within 3 days after payment can be lover (2/14) before delivery, please contact the creator before the urgent purchase. ※ Due to the large order quantity from mid January to February and the limited production of material, please make your purchase as early as possible. * Customized Products and Actual Shipment Date Be sure to confirm the order details by using the button "Contact Artist" on the artwork page prior to purchase. ※ The number of products displayed on the page is currently acceptable for the number of orders produced without reward period, I can not return please forgive me. ========================= ☆ Period Limitation · Custom Valentine Gift · Free Gift Wrapping Service Sci-Fi Gold Outline A simple and neat earrings. / Size / Water droplets are about 22mm long, about 3mm wide and about 1.5 inches wide. The total length of the ear is 2.7 inches. / Material / Sterling Silver, 925 sterling silver and 925 sterling silver. Please indicate the color of the order note. / and maintain / with all metals, exposure to chemicals has the potential to accelerate oxidation and cause the surface to lose its original brightness. In the normal wear case, we provide goods for life maintenance service. ● Valentine's Day gifts are provided free of charge, please refer to the ph.
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