1. C'est Si Bon!。スターリングシルバーのメスリング。手作りです。カスタムグッズ

C'est Si Bon!。スターリングシルバーのメスリング。手作りです。カスタムグッズ

This is a customized product. Please confirm the order details by using the button function of "Contact Creator" on the work page before purchase. This page is custom made for women's rings. works introduce "Each memory is cause for celebration, a souvenir." Material: s925 sterling silver color: pure silver Ring wide: 2 mm ring thickness: 1 mm ring around The inner circle can be engraved with the name, birthday. Capitalized in English: A~Z, & . Number: 0~9 ex: JYOU KA 2017 Manually engrave the word golden ratio. International size #3 #6 The recommended number of words (English + number) is: 4~5. International size #7 #10 The recommended number of words (English + number) is: 8~12. International size #11 #18 Suggested number of words (English + number): 10~15 Hand-printed notes. Hand engraving is not required as computer lettering as neat, thank you ^ _ ^ ring size survey We are using international Wai, confirm your finger around the table at the time of purchase through the ring. Measure the circumference of your finger and find your corresponding International Circle according to the table below. one, find an inelastic line or an inelastic strip (such as a normal photocopy paper cut to 0.5 cm wide). Take a circle around the bottom of the finger where you want to wear the ring. two, make a mark on the line or the overlap of the paper strips; remember, .
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