1. Taiyuan Taipa [手作り]オーバルカードxラッキーフォーチュンxピーチブロッサムxオープンウィズダムxナチュラルスト

Taiyuan Taipa [手作り]オーバルカードxラッキーフォーチュンxピーチブロッサムxオープンウィズダムxナチュラルスト

[Material] Strawberry crystal / marine sapphire / titanium crystal / green silk crystal / moonstone / amethyst / 925 sterling silver [Natural stone size] 4mm [Oval silver medal] You can tap up to 3 on one or both sides Fonts can be typed in English / numbers / Special patterns ~ Fonts are not selectable [Chain Length] Choose your own ★ 925 sterling silver is not prone to allergies. You can wear a bath. Generally, you can wear it normally according to the constitution (acid and alkali). After the silver jewelry is oxidized and blackened, you can use toothpaste / silver wash water / silver cloth to maintain and clean. ★★ Bracelets are made of elastic threads imported from Japan. They are sturdy and durable. They can become loose for more than 1 to 2 years under normal use, unless they are pulled by external force or sometimes the bracelet accumulates too much negative energy. When the brake is blocked, it is easy to disconnect. Please rest assured. For wearing, the elastic thread works can be changed once for free! ★ After the bracelet is made, we will put it in the crystal hole to purify it and then send it out. Remember to demagnetize and purify the crystal on a regular basis. Saltwater purification ~ Crystal cave purification ~ Temple furnace purification ~ You can also check the Internet by can knock on the steel stamp pattern Figure 1. Natural stone (powerful combination of peach blossom) [Strawberry crystal] is one of the love stones, recruit.
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