1. ビッグマンタイパ【星座ラッキーストーンシリーズ】ジェミニ×天然石ビーズ×手作りシルバーブレスレット


★ Handmade string carefully designed constellation with lucky stone, whether it is for functional wear or purely good to wear. a good match, all birthstones have meaning, gifts are sent to the heart, and their own use is also great! [Material] 999 sterling silver [Lucky Stone] White Agate / Pink / Aquamarine / Pearl (can choose the lucky stone to match) [Bracelet] can choose to make elastic bracelet or fixed bracelet [ Features] Metalworking master hand-made, the monotonous constellation symbol is matched with the constellation lucky stone guardian products are attached ~ box / handbag / silver cloth / guarantee card goods are provided after-sales service ~ can also take goods Go to the store for cleaning and maintenance! Gemini Gemini (May 22-June 21) The wind sign Gemini star is "Mercury", English is Gemini, the constellation symbol is The patron saint is the "Miculi" that conveys the knowledge message. Gemini personality has the characteristics of insight, communication, wit, and adaptability. But Gemini is sometimes too fickle, it makes people feel uncertain, they are not focused enough, they like to talk about gossip, so it is easy to give people a sense of exaggeration, even superficial. The Gemini, which is in charge of "education" in the zodiac, not only refers to knowledge, but also includes postal and various communication and communication channels.
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