1. MeoW Mi「海の小さな世界」シャチのネックレス。オルカ925スターリングシルバー。スターリングシルバー

MeoW Mi「海の小さな世界」シャチのネックレス。オルカ925スターリングシルバー。スターリングシルバー

[Introduction] Orca, the largest marine species in the dolphins, is also known as killer whale, killer whale, killer whale. killer whale is a very intelligent carnivore. The sharks are the ones who look like dolphins and are harmless to humans and animals. [Size] about 2*1cm with 18吋925 sterling silver chain [Material] 925 Sterling Silver (Sterling Silver, 925 Silver) [Ordering Information] works are handmade by MEoW Mi. Therefore, each item will be slightly different, and it is also unique. If you mind, please do not place an order. Every item is made after the order is placed, so it will take about 10~15 days to complete, please forgive me. If you have any other product issues or special customer needs, please feel free to discuss with MEoW Mi! [Maintenance Tips] Do not wear hot springs to avoid sulphurization and blackening. If you don't wear it for a long time after wearing it, seal the bag to avoid oxidative yellowing with air. little yellowing can be lightly brushed with a soft toothbrush and a little toothpaste, or wipe directly with a silver cloth. Silverware is best worn every day. Body oils give the silver a natural glow. [Place of Origin / Manufacturing Method] /Handmade
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