1. 【Wild Flowers】 Saucer/Plate ( dandelion / blue)
In the winter of 2017, a 6.4-MAGNITUDE earthquake hit the east of Taiwan. This is the worst earthquake in the history of Hualien. When the spring of 2018 was coming, we saw a flower that symbolizes hope and rebirth - dandelion, blooming everywhere in Hualien, and we were really moved. It inspires us to develop the design concept. We tried to emboss the cups and plates with the cross pattern of dandelion, which seems like planting seeds of hope. When the wind blows over the cups and plates, the seeds of hope will float. More dreams are going to grow and bloom in the coming year. ● Ceramists:Moh、Yuchun ● Uniqe technique of Hunshen ● Size:D 14cm / H 1.5cm
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