1. DIYラッカー箸ペア(二対/寿命箸)
Lifetime chopsticks, is to be with you for a lifetime. Vacation is to go through the cell phone inside the visit list, where where to eat, is the spirit of eating goods. As a food, how can a few look good and easy to use chopsticks, As the saying goes: Work to be good, must first sharpen it, Valentine's Day limited "eat you and me" DIY hand-chopped chopsticks, If you do not like others, so do it yourself! process is cumbersome and time consuming using traditional lacquer processes. black paint using natural tree paint, cut from the tree, is the king of paint, waterproof and antibacterial moldy. natural paint Advantages: resistant to acid, alkali, high temperature. Dry hard texture, with super-sticky, not easy to fall off. lacquered wood is a rosewood stick with 30 layers of lacquer applied one layer at a time, each pair of lacquered chopsticks takes almost a month to complete, and lapped with unique annual rings. lacquered chopsticks designed for smooth surface, suitable for use as environmentally friendly chopsticks, outside dining can be rinsed with water to dry, if there is no water, wipe paper towel slightly, easy to wash, is not easy to breed bacteria, health and safety. chopsticks grinding experience group contains # 320 No. 1 water sandpaper -2 # 600 2 water sandpaper -2 # 1000 3 water sandpaper -2 # 1500 4 water sandpaper -2 Non-woven paper - 2 sheets Red and blue lacquer chopsticks - .
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