1. フラット135 X台湾デザイナーコレクション春ウェーブスリーブドレス白い花のシフォンファブリックコンフォート100フェンスポケッ

フラット135 X台湾デザイナーコレクション春ウェーブスリーブドレス白い花のシフォンファブリックコンフォート100フェンスポケッ

Flat 135 X Taiwanese Designer Series Material: Main Fabric: 100% Polyester 100%polyester Product Features: Elegant Chiffon Material Super Comfortable Comfortable 100 points Very Soft Cloth Feel Good Fabric is English Style style small floral dress white floral totem is even more indispensable single product wave sleeves is a good helper to cover the arm hem fishtail skirt to make the line more three-dimensional elastic waist can make wear more comfortable to attach pockets! Although it is more difficult to handle, we still insist on the selection of the inner skirt so that the whole dress is more weightless and not too worried to wear too much. It really feels like it is very comfortable. Too much like the fabric. It can be worn on a single product. The texture is simple. Outstanding is a good match is a very simple dress with a simple look like it is very good hope that everyone will like: ) goods flat: S shoulder width 38cm sleeve 15cm chest 48cm waist 25~43cm hem 81cm 120cm M shoulder width 40cm Sleeve 16cm Chest 50cm Waist 31~49cm Hem 81cm Length 125cm
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