1. MIT固定フラワーフラワージャンプスーツ(R5017E)
Feathers symbolize a lot of meaning and our theme "Feather" symbolizes freedom and dreams Colorful feathers symbolize glory and beauty Spring and summer use a lot of different costume expressions to present Rumie's heart World Feathers with imagery Aspirations for sky with confidence and sparkle We are all in this life Seeking some sparkling opportunities Looking forward to Rumie's clothing Your beauty and the glory time to accompany you [Small thoughts on the jumpsuit] are more convenient for work are pockets for more functional and jumpsuits The cuffs deliberately have a larger design. There is a feeling that the skirt will be worn again [The front collar cross line has a small vest attached] front collar is a cross-neckline so you can show the necklace! well-made vest is very comfortable, no need to take it inside easy to put on one piece directly [The heart of the waist design] The design of the elastic band at the waist Sitting around all day will not feel very oppressed The waist is also equipped with a belt You can hang freely or tie a bow to decorate Recommend summer cool wear One piece shorts One set is very convenient Light and comfortable
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