1. MIT織り目加工ストライプボウシャツ(R6002A)
[Striped fabric] striped fabric is not too thin It is very comfortable to wear and does not feel with rare pale purple and white stripes looks particularly comfortable A little soft feeling [Bow tie styling] Collar strap design bow tightness is also makes the overall shirt more lively Make the outline clearer [With suggestions] Pink striped tops Overall soft Good for dark or light colors with casual pants with a sense of casual style is also easy to match with A versatile top that everyone needs in the wardrobe shirts are Rumie's regular seasons Try out different fabrics and designs A very trendy shirt collection for everyone to work Textured fabrics and workmanship Different designs to present - The feel of temperature made in Taiwan delivery of the spirit of the hoping to use Rumie's Apparel to share with you FABRIC FROM JAPAN MADE IN TAIWAN
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