1. [Vitatha]タウンストアクラシック再出現人形2.0脱獄ウサギコットンストライプ超ロングドレス春と夏のドレス


Matby 2.0 Jailbreak Rabbit! ! ! thank IDEA ~ Chicken VIP seventy-seven students given sets her control are put away friends ~ classic matryoshka is also coming soon, last year did not receive this year's efforts ah Hey! △ Fanta Tower says: 嘿, this is a playful dress. always wanted a piece of loose, super invincible clothes, which wrapped my body to the whole body, bringing inexplicable security. Be long and long and grow to your ankles. So this super invincible big cockroach was born. improved to include two long side pockets that will keep your hands out of the way and be used as a belt. Although the cotton texture feels moderately thick, the upper body is not too hot. like a person in a cradle. one, two, three. I never said I was deep. Two codes, you can choose according to your height. The bust is large and large enough to have no reference value. Suggestions 155-165 Choose S number, 165+ Select L. Note: Offset fabric strips are not solid and have a little smudged texture.
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